Possible DXL Commander defect with IC-9700 and WSJTx #Cat_RigControl

Bob Turner


While using N1MM for rig control which I understand emulates DX Labs Commander I ran into the following issue with WSJTx.  WSJTx uses DX Labs Commander Suite as the rig.   For the rig I am using Rig=Split.  I manually set mode to USB-D, then set VFO-A and VFO-B to Filter 1 (wide).  Starting on VFO-A.  When WSJTx TX it tx on VFO-B with Filter 1.  So far so good.  When TX ceases I’m back on VFO-A on Filter 2.  I wish to remain on Filter 1 for RX as there are more signals to decode.  This may be a defect.


My workaround is to set Split Operation to rig=fake it.  This allows me to stay on Filter 1 for RX.


Assuming my understanding of this issue is correct, I’m hoping it can be addressed at some point.


7 3  Bob


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