Re: PC Audio Output Level decreases during Transmission #AudioIssues #transmit

Jim Brown

On 9/11/2021 3:07 PM, Michael Black via wrote:
The final solution was changing his audio to the left channel only which ended up reducing the audio level to about 75% constant where it was reducing to 25% with both channels.
Mike FYI in helping others to troubleshoot--

I've long used a Tascam US100 USB-connected audio interface from the world of pro audio. Nothing fancy, 48 kHz 16-bit max, bu in addition to having very good A/D, it has front panel gain controls for both I and O, and a green/red signal presence/clip lite. I use it for the two K3s that are on my operating desk for SO2R (single-op-two radios) contesting for CW, SSB, and RTTY on HF, and of course, for WSJT modes in the primary rig (right channel). Several times, Windoze updates have re-configured it as mono, which is a train wreck for WSJT-X. The fix is to reconfiged as stereo. My primary (non-contesting) rig is on the right channel, and it's the one that does WSJT-X. Although I'm a serious contester, I've yet to be bitten by the HF FT8/FT4 contesting bug, but I'm serious as a heart attack on 6M and 160M, and I do lots of SO2R HF RTTY contests very seriously.

73, Jim K9YC

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