locked Re: Compensating for audio lag from SDR? #AudioIssues

Bill Somerville

On 08/09/2021 11:06, Bruce KX4AZ wrote:
One of my SDRs outputs audio with about 1.5 second lag time.  WSJT-x seems to decode FT8 OK, but any station sending with a "real" lag time might be missed.  And I don't like sending inaccurate time values to pskreporter.  Other than manually readjusting the PC clock to compensate for the delay (which would mess up time stamps generated by other apps), is there a setting in WSJT-x which can be adjusted?
Hi Bruce,

1.5 S audio latency is very high! Compensating is not really practical, and for a station that also transmits probably impractical. Adjusting the local machine time will definitely cause Tx signals to have an equivalent delay, so that doesn't work.

Time offsets are not posted to PSK Reporter.


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