locked Re: Here's a positive story . . #WSPR #linux

Heikki Pisilä

Huomenta Reino,

I have been using the Yaesu FT-2000D whose software I updated about 3 years ago, so wsjt-x v2.3.0 should work with most of today's transceivers and the configuration I have told you.

All transceivers today have the same base logic software as there are no big differences compared to my Yaesu, I mean by this only transceiver control with WSJT-X software.



Reino Talarmo kirjoitti 8.9.2021 klo 8:23:

Huomenta Heikki,

Nice to hear good news. Just for interest which rig you are using?

73, Reino OH3mA


Hi guys, I have been working and tested from the user's point of view for 3 weeks 24/7 ACER Chromebook 314 with WSJT-X v2.3.0 installed and it works really well, no port problems or audio problems, I use "audio dongle" and PulseAudio / Pavucontrol. The device has 2 USB ports, I installed a USB HUB with which I can connect a keyboard and mouse to the device as well as CAT. Band jumping works just as it should and timings, including all mode. WSJT-X runs in a so-called "virtual linux" environment where I installed "Debian v.11.0" where WSJT-X works really well. The device decodes quickly as well. The battery takes about 10 hours to work continuously in wspr mode so it is good enough if you use it as a portable device. On the plus side, the Chromebook in question is small in size and very affordable to buy, plus it has almost all the features of a PC. I highly recommend this device. A little something positive for this forum too ;)


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