locked Re: "Error in Sound Input" (message box) Circle w/ RED X ---- my WSJT is "BRICKED" #AudioIssues #Windows10 #Elecraft

Dave Garber

try reloading the sound drivers, and this error i dont believe has anything at all to do with CAT control

Dave Garber

On Sun, Sep 5, 2021 at 2:39 AM <bill333@...> wrote:
Thanks:  To All who have Helped
Understand that I have my computer stripped down to the most basic form, and able to successfully decode SAMPLE .wav files,  just as if I had no radio and wanted to experience WSJT-X.  There is no radio or cables connected and I have gone so far as to removing all Sound Card Drivers (Device Manager shows empty) and  SETTINGS: RADIO = NONE.  Yet when I touch MONITOR,  I Get the Error.

Further note, that my office computer,  6ft away, is a mirror hardware copy, and configured the identical way with WSJT-X , Yet  i get no error when I touch MONITOR.

I can only assume problem is within the computer.  Yes I have reloaded Windows 10.  It is further noted that I have been using FT-8 for a year with this rig, when suddenly it quit.

To prove my diagnosis....... I have ordered a longer CAT cable that will reach my office computer as well as new audio cables.   If this don't work I might want to change my brand of cologne.

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