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Phil Davidson

On Thu, 2 Sep 2021, 18:01 Pete Singleton via groups.io, <pete.singleton.46=googlemail.com@groups.io> wrote:

I hate Windows 10.  It keeps messing with my audio setup.  

I have a PC with Win10 Pro 64bit.  I use WSJT-X (now v2.4.0) for FT8.  I connect to my radio (various Icom, Yaesu) via an USB 'Audio Codec'.  The cabling is stable - I don't replug my USB ports.

When I boot up the PC, turn on the radio and load WSJT-X Rx seems fine but the Tx audio usually doesn't work.  The volume mixer shows that audio outputs are randomly scrambled. Often the audio from 'system sounds' and/or browsers go to the 'Radio In' codec but WSJT-X audio goes to the 'Display Audio' speakers.

To unscramble the mess I unload WSJT-X,  use 'Sound Settings' to disable the 'Radio In' codec to force everything to go to  'Display Audio'.  After reloading WSJT-X I go back to 'Sound Settings' and check that the WSJT-X audio (and no others) goes to 'Radio In'.

Occasionally, reasons unknown, the scrambling re-occurs if I come back to the radio after being away for a while.  Same procedure sorts it out.

Does anyone know how to fix the setup to be stable?

73 de M0PTB

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