locked Re: Intermittent Base Frequency Change When Changing TX Offset #Cat_RigControl #Icom

Sam Birnbaum

Hi Gene,

I would never swear to it, but I do know how its supposed to work as I wrote 
my own interface for the IC7300 for my home brewed logging program.

For the IC7300 I used the new CAT cmds x'25' & x'26' and their respective sub cmds   
to change the frequency and mode on the selected as well as for unselected VFO 
without resorting to toggling the VFOs.

When I interfaced my program to the Xeigu G90 and X5105, I had to 
resort to toggling the VFOs to read and set the unselected VFO's

Anyway I hope you can resolve the issue one way or another.


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That may be why you are getting intermittent problems when switching 
offsets that quickly where the software has to actually change the un-selected 
VFO frequency. 

It is a 7300 about 4 months old with the latest firmware.  But something causing a delay would make sense.  So the software is sending a command to ultimately change VFO B but due to a delay  (or something) the radio is still on A and that frequency gets changed.  Then during a regular poll the software sees the changed A frequency and acts the same way as if I had just changed the frequency manually.   



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