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Bill Somerville

On 02/09/2021 17:43, Pete Singleton via groups.io wrote:

I hate Windows 10.  It keeps messing with my audio setup.

I have a PC with Win10 Pro 64bit.  I use WSJT-X (now v2.4.0) for FT8.  I connect to my radio (various Icom, Yaesu) via an USB 'Audio Codec'.  The cabling is stable - I don't replug my USB ports.

When I boot up the PC, turn on the radio and load WSJT-X Rx seems fine but the Tx audio usually doesn't work.  The volume mixer shows that audio outputs are randomly scrambled. Often the audio from 'system sounds' and/or browsers go to the 'Radio In' codec but WSJT-X audio goes to the 'Display Audio' speakers.

To unscramble the mess I unload WSJT-X,  use 'Sound Settings' to disable the 'Radio In' codec to force everything to go to 'Display Audio'.  After reloading WSJT-X I go back to 'Sound Settings' and check that the WSJT-X audio (and no others) goes to 'Radio In'.

Occasionally, reasons unknown, the scrambling re-occurs if I come back to the radio after being away for a while.  Same procedure sorts it out.

Does anyone know how to fix the setup to be stable?

73 de M0PTB
Hi Pete,

have you disabled "Power options->Current plan->Advanced power options->Advanced settings->USB settings->USB selective suspend"?

Also you mention "Display audio", are you using an HDMI monitor? If so then the associated USB audio will power down when the monitor goes into power saving mode, that may be difficult to turn off. If you don't use the HDMI USB audio, you may be able to disable it.

An USB audio device change can potentially disrupt the WSJT-X audio sources.


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