locked #txaudio goes to sleep, power management already disabled #txaudio

Pete Singleton

WSJT-X v2.4.0 (And previous from v2.2) 'goes to sleep' after being inactive for more than a few minutes.  Radio (various Icom, Yaesu) goes to Tx but no audio input so no output. OS is Win10 64 bit (and that has other hassles too).  No RF in the shack. I have thoroughly searched all devices in device manager and turned off the power management.  

The setup worked well previously, after disabling power management, until a Windows update a few months ago.

Unloading/reloading WSJT-X starts the Tx audio working again.  Is this a WSJT problem or a Win10 problem?  Any clues gratefully received!

73 de M0PTB

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