locked Re: Ubuntu WSJT-X Stopped Decoding #FT8 #linux #IssueReport #FlexRadio

Bill Somerville

On 02/09/2021 15:47, Alan Blind wrote:
I have been running Linux WSJT-X on a Ubuntu machine for several months, with excellent results.

Recently, WSJT-X stopped decodes, even though there are very good signal showing in the waterfall.

I am using mode, FT8 and Decode:Deep.  I tried the other Decode type, same result.

I checked the timing on the computer, and it is has a very small time error.  The timing looks good in the waterfall, too.

I removed and re-loaded WSJT-X, no decodes.

The "Activity Monitor", no longer shows a spike up in CPU usage, indicating no decodes

Any suggestions, on what to check/do next?

Alan. WA9WUD
Hi Alan,

the first thing to check is that your receiver is set to a USB mode. Although the presence of signals on your screen capture at 14.074 MHz would seem to imply that is the case.

Looks like you are running a FlexRadio SDR, maybe  there is a lot of latency built up somewhere between the SDR and WSJT-X, have you tried restarting SmartSDR (if that is what you are using), and the DAX audio tool.


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