locked Re: Intermittent Base Frequency Change When Changing TX Offset #Cat_RigControl #Icom

Gene Horr

There are ferrites on the USB cable, but that is probably irrelevant because there is no RF being sent.  This is only occurring when changing the TX offset.  During all other activities, including transmission, everything works fine.  

The problem is intermittent though there seems to be a correlation with changing the offset quickly multiple times.

As mentioned this only occurs in split mode.  Fake it or no split does not cause this problem.

There are no other libraries loaded.  

As mentioned it appears that the software is sending a "change the frequency by 0.000xxx Mhz" rather than "change frequency to X.XXXXXX Mhz".  Is this what is occurring?

It is probably heavily out of date but I do have some experience in tracking down command issues on non-radio RS-232 and RS-485 systems.  I have no idea what is used with USB nowadays.  If anyone has a recommended method I could try to monitor the commands to see whether it is something happening on the computer side.  

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