locked Intermittent Base Frequency Change When Changing TX Offset #Cat_RigControl #Icom

Gene Horr

7300 when in Rig split mode only.  No problem all other modes.  V2.4.0

When changing the TX offset frequency enough to require a change in the split frequency occasionally the base frequency will change.  It does not happen each time but the effect is cumulative.  For example:

TX Offset     Base   Split Freq
1500           28074       28074
500             28072.5    28074
2500           28072.5    28072.5
500             28072.5    28071.5
2500           28071       28071
500             28071       28072.5
2500           28071       28071
500             28069.5    28071
2500           28069.5    28069.5
500             28069.5    28068
- Choose 10m from the drop down box - 
500             28074       28069.50

As a WAG rather than sending a "set frequency to X, set split to Y" the software is sending "increase/decrease split by Z" but occasionally sends the "decrease by Z" to the base frequency rather than the split.  Choosing the band again in the drop down box appears to send a full "set frequency to X, set split to Y" command and everything goes back to where it should.  Until the TX offset is changed again.


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