locked Re: Frequencies are different when switching between FT8 and FT4 #FT8 #WSJTX_config #FT4

Bill Somerville

On 31/08/2021 17:18, Jack Olivieri wrote:
When switching from FT8 to FT4 (under the Mode pulldown), I get a different set of frequencies and there is no choice for 14.080. In fact there is no 20M choice at all.
What am I doing wrong?
Hi Jack,

FT8 and FT4 use different transmit periods so are not compatible, they are used in different frequency sub-bands. The WSJT-X "Settings->Frequencies->Working Frequencies" table defines the frequencies offered on the main window pop up list, they can be mode and region specific. If you have upgraded from an older version of WSJT-X you probably need to reset the list to the current defaults (right-click the table body and press the "Reset ..." button in the contextual pop up menu that appears.


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