Locked FTDX-10 for MSK144? #MSK144

Steve Kavanagh

I am considering purchasing one, partly for 6 m meteor scatter operation using MSK144. I saw in another topic that WB4OMG posted that his FTDX-101 (somewhat similar design) required the use of the 12 kHz roofing filter to receive well on MSK144.

It appears from the block diagram that the transmitter in the '10 is a true software defined architecture, so any bandwidth/group delay shortcomings in the receive 3 kHz roofing filter should not be an issue on transmit.  I do note, however that the specified TX SSB audio response (for both the FTDX-10and -101D) is a bit narrow for MSK144 ("not more than -6 dB from 300 to 2700 Hz").  There is no spec for data modes.  Has anyone any experience with this aspect?

Are there any practical pitfalls to using a 12 kHz wide roofing filter for 6 m MSK144?

Has anyone else had experience with the FTDX-10 or -101 on MSK144 that I should be aware of?  

Steve VE3SMA

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