Locked #MAP65 3.0 stopped working, what to do? #map65

Roger Shultz

I've had MAP65 3.0 working nicely since it was first released
embedded in WSJT-X.

It has now stopped opening. When I click the shortcut, the
shortcut window opens but it now gray instead of the usual black.
The other MAP65 3.0 windows try to open except for the main window
then I get the error that MAP65 has working.

Normally I'd assume it has become corrupted, uninstall it and
reinstall then run the Zadig USB tool and hope for the best.

Here's the problem. It seems when I look under Control Panel in
Windows 7 I see 4 versions of WSJT-X which has MAP65 embedded in
it. I have rc1, 2 3 and 5 showing.

When I open X alone it only opens rc0 so I have no idea why it is
not opening rc5.

Since WSJT-X rc0 will expire tomorrow August 31, what is going to
happen? Which versions do I uninstall? Will I lose the shortcuts
I've established to have two instances of WSJT-X and all the

And as I started this question, how do I fix MAP65 3.0?

73, Roger, NJ2R

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