Locked Map65 issue #map65

Peter Hutchison

Strange one this.

Several months ago I installed MAP65 v2.7, r8182 on an HP notebook (i7) running W7 with Avast Security and all was (and still is) well.

On getting an i5 HP laptop this time running W10 and Avast Security I downloaded the same Map65 version. However, I only have a partial install. 4 of the information screens are available (astronomy data, wide graph, band map and the main screen). Missing is the blue Messages screen. If I hover the mouse over the Map65 icon it shows the Messages screen but in white, not blue. Both systems are 64 bit.

I've tried re-installing with the same result. I really want to run Map65 on the laptop as the screen being bigger it will be much easier to read! Plus

Has anyone got any ideas that this fairly nonĀ  computer literateĀ  user can try?

Peter G4URT

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