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Frank Donovan

WSJT-X always automagically selects the correct sequence when calling a station


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FWIW .... the "Tx Even/1st only applies to you calling CQ, not to responses.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 8/30/2021 8:52 AM, Bill - NO4ON wrote:
> This is what  have observed.  If you double click on a CQ, WSJTX sends
> the request.  Notice the UTC column.  The time stamp will have an odd
> or even number at the end.  I believe this determines the time slot.
>  If so then by toggling Tx even/1st box if checked you will transmit
> in the even time slot, if not checked you will transmit in the odd
> time slot.  This will allow you to control what time slot so you can
> either get the QSO or not.  Place your curser over the box and it will
> produce a popup that explains what it is doing.
> 73
> Bill - NO4ON

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