locked Re: occasional FT8 no decode, new computer? #Windows10 #raspberryPi #decode

Jim Pennino


As I said in the first post, I am running Windows 10.

I was thinking about going to a Raspberry Pi, or even a Pi cluster, dedicated to WSJTX for better performance.

However it is now obvious that throwing more cores at the issue is futile as there is not enough parallelism in WSJTX that it would help for any number of cores beyond 4.

As for the decode setting, I start out at the highest setting and reduce it to a lower setting as WSJTX starts dropping cycles. If the number of signals noticeably drops, I start raising the setting. Repeat, rinse….

Yes, that is a work around, but a PITA as things change and it would be nice if WSJTX would recognize it is running out of time and just give up no matter what the setting. 

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