locked Re: occasional FT8 no decode, new computer? #Windows10 #raspberryPi #decode

Jim Pennino


After running process explorer it is obvious what the problem is.

No system resource, i.e. CPU, memory, etc., gets anywhere near 100%.

wsjtx shows a peak CPU usage of about 15% and jt9 shows a peak of about 25%.

Individual core usage never gets above about 50%.

There are no strange I/O wait states that would indicate anything like an audio discontinuity.

The only thing left is that a 1.95 GHz CPU is too slow to process all the data when there are a large number of signals within a cycle, continues to process into the next cycle, and misses all the data from the next cycle.

One solution, which would only effect those with a slow CPU, would be to put a hard limit on how long WSJTX attempts to decode a cycle such that if it were nearing the time when it would lose the next cycle, it gives up on the current cycle. The result for those with slow CPU's would be to lose a few possible decodes in the current cycle as opposed to losing everything from the next.

The other solution is to get a faster CPU, but that isn't an option for those using the Raspberry Pi4.

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