locked Re: After upgrade to WSJT-X 2.4.0, an IC-7600 no longer changes bands on SPE Expert 1K-FA power amplifier #Cat_RigControl

Bengt SM6MUY

It works for some. But not for all. I have the IC-7300, not the 7600. Don't have that ANT setting. No problems until I installed V2.4.0. I friend of mine also have the IC-7300. No problems for him. Exactly the same settings. Since the response on the forum is low it seems that the SPE Expert PA is not widely used. Or at least very few have this problem. I can live with it no problem. I Just change band from the rig instead. Don't spent too much time on it.

73/Bengt, SM6MUY

On 2021-08-26 06:39, Allan Saul wrote:
I really dont understand why you have a problem because its working for me with exactly
the same hardware setup.
1: Check you have the latest firmware in the IC-7600 (rev 2.00)
2: Check you have CI-V Output (for ANT) set to ON.

It is working here on any version of WSJT-X regardless of split mode etc,
73 de Allan ZS1LS

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