locked Re: #FT8 Responding to FT8 "73" in QSO at end to contact not working #FT8

Martin G0HDB

On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 11:56 PM, Dick Bingham wrote:
Greeting to everyone

AFTER getting FT8 to run after installing WSJT-X v2.4.0 software, I have discovered a
new problem.

I call CQ and another station responds. The software runs us thru the contact 
process and finally the calling station sends the 73 and sign-off sequence.

At this point my software ends the QSO without going thru the 73 by me. The screen
appearance then looks like it is ready to send another CQ by me or me calling
another station.

You've received a 73 from the other station, which confirms beyond all reasonable doubt that all the essential information for the QSO has been successfully exchanged and received by both parties, so irrespective of whether you sent the other station an RRR or an RR73 to complete your end of the QSO, the QSO is de facto complete and there's no need whatsoever for you to send a further 73.

Clearly, if you want to then you can do as you've described, ie. re-enable Tx and click on the Tx5 message button, but doing so is (IMO) entirely unnecessary and there's no reason for the auto-sequencing to do it.

Martin G0HDB

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