locked Re: occasional FT8 no decode, new computer? #Windows10 #raspberryPi #decode

Bill Somerville

On 26/08/2021 21:08, Jim Pennino via groups.io wrote:
As the maximum system clock error is less than 100 microseconds, I doubt it is a factor.

Out of curiosity, how much effort does WSJTX expend on decoding signals more than a couple of hundred milliseconds off?

Too bad WSJTX isn’t more multithreaded what with 8 core being a low end system these days.

I guess I will forget about Raspberry Pi for this unless WSJTX becomes more multithreaded.
Hi Jim,

the decoding effort on all candidate signals is equivalent, obviously some that are easy to decode are processed much more quickly than others. The time offset is only relevant for choosing candidate signals to attempt to decode.

100 us off is not an issue, but an SNTP time application may be making time corrections regularly to achieve that if the update interval is set too short, and the undisiplined system clock drifts significantly. Time steps from SNTP applications cause audio stream discontinuities that can disrupt a whole decoding period.


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