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Norman Heyen

Thanks everyone. This is sort of what I expected. I'll look into the other software mentioned. I guess I have to start actively monitoring the DX expeditions and get serious about it.


On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 11:37 AM Kermit Lehman via groups.io <ktfrog007=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
This is one situation where keeping track of spots on clusters really pays off. Someone will likely post any F/H operation. It's difficult otherwise to keep track of all the bands and frequencies as well as propagation and DXpedition operating practices.

I use DX Monitor, which offers a lot of convenient sifting and sorting features.  It's shareware with a nominal one time fee. Well worth it, IMO.

Spots  from RBN and PSKReporter are always helpful, too, but they may not report on unusual operating frequencies.


Ken, AB1J

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Not really, although there are some that are frequently used, but to eliminate QRM, most DXPeditions will list on a webpage what frequencies they will be using.

Neil, KN3ILZ
On 8/26/2021 9:06 AM, Norman Heyen wrote:
I've looked and not found an answer. Is there a common frequency that DX expeditions use for Fox & Hound operations? 


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