locked Re: #txaudio #linux WSJT-X No TX audio issue #txaudio #linux

Bill Somerville

On 26/08/2021 13:38, KM4OVZ wrote:
The rig I'm trying to use is an icom 7300, as well as a Yaesu FT-100. Both have fine cat control on Linux, with the active frequency showing in wsjtx. TX works fine but there's no audio output. The way audio is sent to the radio is by an external audio port on the computer. Alternatively a USB soundcard can be used for the same result of sending audio out.

WSJTX has "default" set for both input and output audio. The current devices are set as default and selected in the OS. Playing audio from any other program works as expected. Audio goes in, shows on the waterfall, and decodes fine. Wsjtx just isn't putting out any sound! No sources pop up in pavucontrol when it's in transmit mode either.

Running 'padsp wsjtx' will make the first transmission have audio, but on the next cycle there's no sound again.
OM (name ??),

do not use the system default audio devices for transmitter Tx audio.


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