Re: Yaesu FT-891 Settings Needed #raspberryPi #signalink

Kenneth Blackwell


Attached is a .pdf file with 4 sources for FT-891 settings. Thank you for your input.

At this point, I still have not been able to make WSJT-X run on the I am concluding this posting....and giving up on the Pi.

I don't believe that the problem lies just in the FT-891 settings. I was able to get a UBUNTU Laptop running nicely using the settings in the last columnĀ  in the attached pdf. The Pi problem probably has more to do with Sound Setting in the Raspberry OS or something else that I can't figure out. I tried pavucontrol (Pulse Audio) but had problems (When transmitting the monitor would shut off, no picture).

Again, Thanks to all of you. Good luck with WSJT-X

Ken, KB4XT

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