locked #FT8 TX does not work correctly after installing WSJT-X v2.4.0 #FT8 #Cat_RigControl

Dick Bingham


After running WSJT-X (v2.2.# I think) successfully for over 12-months, I installed the new v2.4.0
SW, It installed fine and seemed to be working as expected:
1- Decodes of FT8 users appeared on screen
2- The GREEN DOT and signal levels are fine
3- Frequency on WSJT-x main screen changes as does the frequency on
    ANAN-200D when a new band is selected
4- BUT when the "TUNE" button the WSJT-X main screen is clicked an error message
    is presented ===> "Rig Control Error"

Testing CAT in WSJT-X File>Settings>Radio and clicking on "Test CAT" turns GREEN

How do I make it work correctly? I am using a DELL E6510 laptop running W-7

Any help will be highly appreciated


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