locked Re: Setup of WSJTX v.2.4.0 with Quisk #Windows10

Bill Somerville

On 25/08/2021 00:50, Pierre FK8IH wrote:

I try to setup my station with Hermes Lite 2 and Quisk in order to operate FT8 with WSJTX.

I have set Cable Output (VB-Virtual Audio Cable) for the External Digital Audio Input and Cable Input (VB-Virtual Audio Cable) for the External Digital Audio Output of Quisk. I also set the corresponding settings in WSJTX Input: cable Output and Output: cable Input.
I have set in Quisk Remote : IP address for Hamlib Rig 2 localhost and IP Port for Hamlib 4575 and I tried to select in WSJTX Radio Hamlib NET rigctl with serial port 4575. Test CAT fails and I get a RED label with the following error message :
Rig failure
Hamlib error: Invalid configuration
network.c(241): network_open return(-2)
iofunc.c(176): port_open return(-2)
rig.c(773):rig_open return(-2) while opening connection to rig
The installed Hamlib is hamlib-w64-4.2
Any comments about my problem?
I shall add that I can easily use fldigi and FreeDV with Quisk with the same settings.
73 - Pierre - FK8IH
Hi Pierre,

to specify a port number in the WSJT-X "Settings->Radio->Network Server" field precede it with a ':' character, so in your case that is ":4575", without the quotation marks.


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