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Hi Ken,

Just in case it's helpful, I had to change the settings on my FT-891 after a firmware update to radio. I'm not running your same setup, but maybe something will be helpful.

BEFORE updating the DSP firmware, I was successful using the settings from KB9VBR (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoYL-7N6eb4&t=4s):
    Menu # / Setting
    5-6 / Cat Rate: 38400
    5-7 / CAT TOT: 1000 msec
    5-8 / CAT RTS: Disable
    8-1 / Data Mode: PSK
    8-9 / Data In Select: Rear
    8-10 / Data PTT Select: DAKY
    8-11 / Data Out Level: 50
    8-12 / Data BFO: USB
    16-03 / HF Power: 50

AFTER the firmware update (updating the DSP version to 02-04), the waterfall in WJST-X went blank after every TX until I manually changed bands in WJST-X and changed back. A post from Bruce (N7XGR) post, https://wsjtx.groups.io/g/main/message/24422, had the clue that got me working again, and with much better performance: stop using the Data mode and switch to SSB/USB. Making these additional settings changes in the FT-891 got me working again:
    11-05 / SSB MIC SELECT: REAR
    11-07 / SSB BFO: USB
    16-01 / HF SSB PWR: 50 (and noting that the power setting in 16-03 is the "master" level. Regardless of the setting of 16-01, the FT-891 won't transmit more power than the 16-03 setting.)
And don't forget to change the MIC SELECT and HF SSB POWER back when you're done with WJST-X.

Hope that helps,
Greg N6SE

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