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Yes, he is sending the correct grid square but people don't readily look at and understand that his sent grid is in Washington State. It is confusing when WSJT reports him as being in Alaska rather than the USA.
What is most troubling is the email he gets blaming him for the error. He has NO control over what is reported by WSJT. He has contacted AD1C who keeps up with the CTY files and the change has been made. All that needs to happen now is for a new update of WSJT to be released and for all to download it. At that point, all will be good.
It is probably a good plan for serious users to download the latest CTY file and paste it into WSJT. Easy to do and all will be up to date with whatever changes are made. It is not only location errors like this but new calls, DXpedition calls, along with special event stations that are kept up to date with the CTY files. A lot of work for AD1C to keep up with this. Thanks to his efforts we can all be well informed rather than misinformed as long as we are willing to do the easy download and install into WSJT...


There seems to be a number of different versions of cty.dat depending on the logger or modem software you want to update. There's also a similar file available from ClubLog. In my logger I automatically download a new version from ClubLog if my existing file is older than 7 days. I suppose I can do the same with the version of cty.dat that WSJT-X uses, update it regularly. But it would be nice if WSJT-X did this.

73 Phil GM3ZZA

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