locked Yaesu FT-891 Settings Needed #signalink #raspberryPi

Kenneth Blackwell

Please send me your FT-891 settings (i.e. those settings that you have changed from factory settings) to run WSJT-X on a Linux Raspberry Pi.
I am trying to figure out why my system doesn’t work correctly….especially control of TX power. Power set is always much lower than Power actual and decreases with time. (I use a MFJ digital SWR/power meter)
If you are running a similar system as below, I could use your FT-891 settings.
My hardware setup includes:
1. FT-891
2. USB printer cable between Pi  & the FT-891 for CAT
3. Pi 3B or a Pi 3B+ (Computer)
4. Signalink USB (Sound Card)
5. KB, Mouse, Monitor
My Software is: 
1. Raspberry OS (Buster)
2. Hamlib 4.2,
3. WSJT-X 2.4.0

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