Re: CTY country file update #EnhancementReqest


Since the file is built-in to the program, the only time it is updated is when the program is compiled for final release.   As you have done, the CTY.DAT file can be manually updated by the user.    

I would suggest to the person in question to contact Jim Reisert AD1C, the maintainer of the CTY.DAT file so he can add an exception to the file for that callsign.    I would also suggest that if he hasn't do so, to update QRZ to reflect his actual location.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 8/20/2021 3:23 PM, Don N7BT wrote:
A friend has a vanity callsign that while not a KL7 call, was registered to a Ham in Alaska. In the band activity window, he is still being shown as being in Alaska. He is not. I updated my CTY file using the instructions below. I am now good but it has not stopped the "hate mail" he is receiving. He has no control so I am asking that the WSJT gang update the built-in CTY file so this issue will disappear... It would seem to me that this should be done on a regular basis. I use writeLog and they send out a regular email alerting users that a new CTY file is available. HRD does it on a regular basis too.

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