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Martin G0HDB

On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 01:42 PM, Chuck Moore wrote:
Have had WSJT-X set up for about three weeks, During that time when the system
would transmit the radio would change to transmit mode and within a couple of
tenths of a second the tones could be heard through the monitor port on the
radio. In the last few days that behavior changed, Now the radio changes to
transmit mode but the tones are not being heard until 2 - 3 seconds into the
shift of the radio to transmit mode.

You haven't indicated in your posting if you're using one of WSJT-X's split modes, but if you are using CAT control and have selected the 'Rig' split option then I'd suggest trying the 'Fake It' option and seeing if that makes any difference.

I used to find, with the various Icom rigs I'd used over a period of years, that the 'Rig' split option did seem to take significantly longer to switch VFOs and then begin transmitting; these days I use only the 'Fake It' option for split.  It's perhaps conceivable that if you're using the 'Rig' split option it's taking a while for the rig to switch from one VFO to the other and that the WSJT-X software is then waiting for an acknowledgement of the changeover and confirmation of the new Tx frequency before starting to generate the audio tones.

You might also want to try either installing one of the release-candidate versions of v2.5.0 of WSJT-X or reverting back to v2.3.1 and seeing if either of those make a difference.

Martin G0HDB

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