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Michael Black

Same version of WSJT-X on both I assume?

Check File/Settings/Advanced/Tx delay

Mike W9MDB

On Friday, August 20, 2021, 07:42:42 AM CDT, Chuck Moore via groups.io <wd4hxg@...> wrote:

Have had WSJT-X set up for about three weeks, During that time when the system
would transmit the radio would change to transmit mode and within a couple of
tenths of a second the tones could be heard through the monitor port on the
radio. In the last few days that behavior changed, Now the radio changes to
transmit mode but the tones are not being heard until 2 - 3 seconds into the
shift of the radio to transmit mode.

As far as contacts being successful , they still occur but retries seem to have

The equipment line-up is:
Desktop PC running WSJT-X
Computer OS: Windows 10 Pro
Mode: FT-8 only, to date
Interface: SCU-17 with Yaesu cabling between radio and audio packet port on rear of radio.
_______: Generic RS-232 cable between rear of radio and SCU-17.
_______: Generic USB Cable from SCU-17 to Desktop (Intel i9-9900)
Radio: FTdx-5000 in USB mode - computer audio output level adjusted to just below ALC indication threshold.
Antenna: Horizontal Loop suspended from trees in yard, fed with 450 Ohm ladder line and interfaced
to radio via Johnson Matchbox.

Checks for RF in shack revealed no issues.

Switching out the desktop with a Dell laptop running Win 10 Pro with a recent install of WSJT-X
does not exhibit the same delay.  Tried, "Uninstalling"  and then re-installing the software but
no joy.

I remember seeing a message in the past week or so from another op experiencing the same
issue, but I do not recall seeing anything about him finding a resolution.

Am I overlooking a setting in WSJT-X?


Chuck WD4HXG

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