locked Re: Not Showing Country Name #Windows10 #WSJTX_config #install

Bill Somerville

On 19/08/2021 22:13, Dave Sellars wrote:
Windows 10
WSJT-X v 2.4.0
Icom IC7300

I am new to WSJT-X and I'm still learning many of the configuration options.  So far I have managed to get WSJT-X to decode and transmit, although I'm still trying to fine tune the transmit function.

How do I get WSJT-X to display the "Country Name" along with other data displayed in the "Band Activity" and "Rx Frequency" windows? I have managed to get it to display "Zones", but not the Country Name. It seems to be related to which options are selected on the color window but I have tried multiple options but "Country Name" is still not displayed. Note that the box for "Show principal prefix instead of country name" is NOT checked.

Help will be greatly appreciated. Dave
Hi Dave,

if you are seeing Zones then you probably have the Zone highlighting options at higher priority than others. That means until you have worked those the next priority highlight will not be displayed. Try unchecking any highlighting options you are not interested on the "Settings->Colors" panel, and drag and drop the items to move the higher priority items further up the list. Note that only the highest priority highlighting invoked (not grids as they are shown in the decoded message anyway) is appended to decoded CQ messages.


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