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Bob Turner

I’ve been using WSJTx for almost a year now. I started with the IC-7300 and switched to the IC-7610 about 4 months ago.  I never paid attentions to filters until now.  I was hoping to run Fil1 / Wide on left RX bank of rig for a wider decode window.  If I set left/RX side of rig on Wide/Fil1 and right/TX side of rig to Med/Fil2 (it goes to that anyway) I get wider decodes across the audio band and I clearly see my number of decodes on each interval significantly increase.  The problem is as soon as WSJTx goes into TX it sets the left filter at Med/Fil2 to match the right TX side of rig and the number of decodes drop.


I am using WSJTX Rig=Split.  I am using OmniRig1, and Win4ICOM so they are some additional variables.  I tested with WSJTx and Hamlib only.  While the test results differ slightly I still can’t get It to do Fil1 on left and Fil2 on right.


Any ideas?


7 3  Bob


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