locked Re: When to expect a good echo from the moon on 2m? #adiFiles #Echo

Richard Hattaway

Hi Ignacy,

I agree with others, conditions would have to be optimal to receive your echoes.  You did not mention if your amp and preamp were mast mounted.  That would help to get your station EME capable. 

Also, consider using sun noise to determine if your receiver is doing OK... Some here may well have the proper measurement technique for your setup, but just seeing the noise would be a good step.  Assuming you are not equipped for elevation ( big assumption ) then point the antenna at the horizon where the sun is predicted to go down, and watch it drop.  In my EME days I had a small chart recorder tied to my receiver and I used this method to detect any changes in the system the week before 'EME Weekend'. 

Have fun.. hearing your echoes is a real thrill .. seeing them on a screen would be pretty cool too :) ..


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