locked Re: When to expect a good echo from the moon on 2m? #adiFiles #Echo


I agree with the larger station.
When I did EME it was in the late 80's none of this incredible software it was CW and all by ear.

I never ever heard my own echos. but I still did work off the moon probably 50 different stations. Then I blew up the radio (long story)

So try to make some skeds with larger stations.


On 8/13/2021 1:15 AM, Charles Suckling wrote:

Hi Ignacy

Is your beam capable of elevation, or fixed at the horizon?  If it is fixed at the horizon, and you have reasonably clear takeoff to the moon when rising or setting, you could possibly look to ground gain as way of helping you. There should be plenty of references to this on the internet, possibly including calculators that can tell you what the optimum elevation of the moon would be (not your antenna) based on antenna gain and height above ground.

As Bill says, you may initially be better off looking for a large station to test with.


Charlie G3WDG

On Fri, 13 Aug 2021 at 07:34, Ignacy Misztal <no9e@...> wrote:
I am trying to get an echo from the moon on 2m using the "echo" mode in WSJT. My setup is FT991A, TE Systems amp running about 150W with a GaAsFet preamp, and Cuscraft A14810S 10 el beam. After a few minutes of cycling, there is not a  trace of an echo. Is the echo expected from a setup like mine?

The antenna has low SWR. The preamp seem to work and the noise slightly increases with the preamp when the antenna is connected.

I get partial readings in JT65B. Before I got the complete one with a Down East preamp (now burned). So perhaps there is something wrong with my setup.

Ignacy NO9E

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