locked Re: WSJT-X shuts down unexpectedly (Raspberry Pi Raspian OS) #wsjt-x-crashing

Carl Andreasen

Flrig and wsjtx cannot both connect to the radio at the same time. They cannot share the ports. Flrig has control, as soon as wsjtx tries to access the radio (CAT) port. crash!. The bottom line is you cannot use Flrig and wsjtx at the same time.

On 8/10/21 1:00 PM, S Johnson wrote:
I am using Raspberry Pi 4b with Raspian OS. WSJT-X version is 2.4.0 (latest). I am using a XGGCOMMS Digimode-4 interface. 

I just removed and re-installed WSJT-X,  I'm using FLRIG for control.  WSJT-X starts normally and I can see decodes happening normally. But the instant I try to make any change that communicates to the radio the program quits - no warning or errors, it just shuts down. Actions which cause shut down include:

  • Try to change bands via WSJTX UI
  • Click in the waterfall to set receive/transmit frequency 
  • Try to save configuration settings
  • Try to transmit. 
If I just sit there and watch the reception/decoding that all happens normally. 
Anyone know what might cause this (I have so much ferrite on my cables that there is a magnetic anomaly at my grid location), so I don't think RFI is an issue.  Also, before this recent remove/re-install of WSJTX the same equipment configuration was working well on transmit).

Warren - K7CWA

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