locked Re: wsjtx with the IC-2730 #Icom

George Weller

You are very nearly correct.  But the 2730A can accept audio (and CI-V) codes through the second external speaker jack (yes, madness) using a cable supplied by ICOM (software unspecified).  And in an all-FM environment, it could work well.  My local ARES group has a local network using all FM, and Yaesu radios, with Signalinks and TNC's usually, tho some are trying software TNCs.  This is the environment I think the 2730 might work well in.  I have an IC-7300, so I'm familiar with digital modes and CI-V over a USB connection.  The IC-2730A cable connects external speaker 2 to a USB port.  The major difference seems to be that the 2730 has no sound card, so the PC's card must generate the audio.  And then the question is, will PTT work?   Thanks for the various responses and, yes, it is sort of a science project.  73, KD9PCN

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