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William Smith

Plus FT8 allows many simultaneous QSOs on SSB, where FM would allow one QSO at a time, subject to the FM capture effect. Not impossible, just not useful. Hook up a TNC if you are doing FM.

73, Willie N1JBJ

On Aug 11, 2021, at 10:48 AM, K3EUI Barry <k3euibarry@gmail.com> wrote:

A few comments:

The ICOM 2730 does NOT (I think) have a DATA port. It is analog audio only via a MIC jack.
The older model 2720 did have a 6 pin MINI DIN DATA port - where you could plug in a S-Link.

However, you could use a Rigblaster Advantage on the Icom 2730 and hook that up to the MIC and SPKR ports for digi use. The radio's MIC plugs into the Rigblaster. So you get both DATA and PHONE with no wires to mess around plugging and unplugging.

The Rigblaster has its own USB sound card, has a COM port (if needed for PTT) and is designed to connect to any radio's MIC and SPKR jacks. The sound chips are excellent. You can purchase RADIO cables to match your particular setup (8 pin round mic jack or 8 pin modular RJ45 mic jack). Inside there are "jumpers" just like on a S-Link to fit a particular radio's pin config.

I have a Rigblaster Advantage and it is a well-designed piece of equipment.
I've used it with Icom rigs with no data port (Icom 2100 and Icom 5100).

WSJT-X can be used with ANY radio - it is just sound.
However on a Icom 2720 you are limited to 2m and 70cm FM (simplex or on repeater).
So you can practice FT8 on a FM repeater if the owner allows that.
But most folks using FT8 or any of the JT modes would more likely be on a SSB frequency on 2m.

CI-V is not audio. It is a comman port for "Rig Control" changing frequency, filters, power, modes.
CAT or rig control is certainly not needed on a 2m/70cm dual-band FM radio.

Does that help?

de k3eui Barry
West Chester PA

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