locked Re: Yaesu 991A how did you make it work with WSJT-X #AudioIssues #Yaesu

Carl Andreasen

I have the FT-991 and have no trouble at all. The Mic/Rear is a radio setting not WSJTX and the mode, should be set as USB not Data. Either VOX or CAT will key the radio.

On 8/9/21 5:07 PM, wisconsinjimmy wrote:
A lot of good people have tried their best to help so I am reluctant to try anymore, I am going to ask 1 more time, How did you get your 991A to transmit using WSJT-X without any addon help. I think the problem is in the settings of WSJT_X in the CAT control as I cannot get the option to select the Rear/Data option.

Warren - K7CWA

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