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If Meinberg won’t start, is it giving an error message?

One way to find out:

Launch a Command Prompt with Run as Administrator. That will give you admin privileges to start/stop/restart services.

Try launching it manually.  (eg look at the batch file commands)

Net start ntp


See if it tells you what is wrong.


I’ve seen windows Updates install / reinstall / re-enable Win32time service.

You could run Services.msc

Then look at the properties for Windows Time service. Make sure it is not running, and startup is Disabled.


Another possibility is that Meinberg NTP is having trouble accessing a network port – something else might be attached to that port.


GL and 73 de VE3MSC Colin


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I have had this problem before. Meinberg will not start.
Thanks 73's de NU4N/Dave

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