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Karl Beckman WA8NVW - NNV5BH

First, I would recommend you start up WSJTx and jtAlert BEFORE you check and reset the laptop's clock.  Those intensive disk I/Os are what messes up the computer's internal clock! 
Next, if your Meinberg installation included the NetworkTime Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client for Windows, there is no need to shut down and reboot the laptop when its internal clock doesn't match the popular time.is website.  Just open NetworkTime by double-clicking its icon and click the left-most box labeled [UPDATE NOW] to start the automated correction process.  Meinberg also provides a "cheat sheet' of settings for the NetworkTime client if you are inclined to change the default settings. Again, if WSJT indicates that DT is less than 1 second for an FT4 QSO or less than 2.4 for an FT8 QSO, you don't need to adjust your clock.  NetworkTime will pull it into sync within a few minutes!
And last, if you do not have NetworkTime installed yet, K9YC Jim Brown helpfully provided a link to that website in the very next message (#27603) after your comment.  Tnx Jim!  http://www.timesynctool.com/
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