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Lynn Mears

I’m a new user.  I’ve successfully logged WSPR receptions using a SDR with a windows server class machine.  I’m interested in setting up a dedicated multi-band WSPR transceiver that uses something smaller than my windows machine. was thinking something like a raspberry Pi with a home brew receiver and transmitter.  I haven’t used a 
raspberry before so I don’t know if it that has any limitations I should be aware of.  Also, without a CAT controlled rig, is there an easy way for the band switching to take place?  I see that WSJT will run scripts, but the documentation also, says they are run after the CAT is successfully executed.  

For a transmitter I may use the QRP labs US3 to leverage the firmware but may do it from scratch.  I’m an EE and done lots or programming so not afraid to take things on. 

Any thoughts on good ways to proceed would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Lynn, WA4FKX 

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