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v 2.4.0
A few months back, WSJT-X stopped controlling my Kenwood TS-450.  I didn't have time or patience to trouble shoot at that time.  Now I'm ready to dive into it.

First, I believe this is a problem with the Kenwood library, because the program continues to work fine with my Yaesu FT-817.  Also the error message indicates this. Another program (Mixw-4) using the same com ports is able to control the Kenwood fine. 

The big mystery is why, when it once worked fine with the Kenwood, it stopped working suddenly.

What I have tried:

Re-installing (more than once)
Trying different com ports (because I had an issue with enumeration of the sound card once before)
Clearing and re configuring the settings.
Refreshing windows 10 with a repair upgrade.

None of this worked.  I could use a hint from someone who really understands how the rig library works and how one can fix or update it.

Chris, AB6QK

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