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Ron Schunk

Every time, before I start up jtalert and wsjtx I check time.is ...normally it is NOT exact so I reboot the laptop...I have Meinberg on Windows 7 (I refuse to touch Windows 10) and my times are usually right on...

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For those other readers who may have overlooked previous comments from Dr Joe, FT4 requires the relative clock difference to not exceed one second, while FT8 is OK at just under 2.4 seconds.  If your QSO attempt to another station exceeds those DT maximums, then message decoding suddenly stops.  Note that both your spectrum analyzer and waterfall will continue to display the incoming signals. 
If Microsoft's time sync software can always meet those values on your computer as Gil's does (local time within one second), then 'it ain't broke, so don't fix it.'  Otherwise there are a few network time sync software apps that perform well.  Each has its vocal followers who point out specific features they find useful.  If you need still tighter clock accuracy for other reasons, such as a portable GPS-locked frequency reference or a common time server without availability of an internet connection, several designs have already been presented in this forum and elsewhere. 
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