locked Re: New WSJT-X User... Modulation problem?? Steady tone when transmitting... #WSJTX_config #txaudio


On 05/08/2021 05:06, Sky wrote:
I was operating in SPLIT Mode & although the receive side was fine, the transmit side was in the wrong mode!  it was in AM. So all I had to do was change it to USB-D.
Good morning "D"

The other way round this is to use "Fake It" setting in WSJTX Radio Settings which basically means your rig only uses a single VFO. I find it easier as it can save you having to manually change rig settings when switching different software, voice, or CW.

You should also investigate the use of the "Data/Pkt" mode in the Radio Settings which works well on the IC-7100 and IC-7200 so is likely to on your IC-7300. It should put your rig into the correct mode for both Rx and Tx.


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