locked Re: How to move settings to new Windows 10 install? #install

Bill Somerville

On 04/08/2021 14:37, Reino Talarmo wrote:

Reino, I have found the some users do not have the file extensions showing, so they are not sure which file was an adi, etc.  it was easier to just copy all, to continue using the all.txt, calls, etc



Dave, I agree that user need to select certain filenames i.e. wsjt-log, WXJT-X and perhaps call3 and wsjt for a short list copy.

I would rename all.txt to something else e.g. all_210804.txt (if only filename is there then from ‘all’ to ‘all_210804’) and copy that. The all.txt can grow to a huge size and it is better to rename it for records now and then, wsjt-x will make a new one automatically.


73, Reino OH3mA

Hi Dean, Dave, and Reino,

files with wisdom in their name should not be moved to a different machine, they contain FFT optimizations that are CPU specific. if they are not present then they will be recreated with the correct contents for the machine they are generated on.


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