locked Re: WSJT-X & FTdx-5000 #txaudio #Yaesu


In a FTDX-5000MP,

How much power can we safely run in the high duty digital modes?

Like RTTY and the stuff in the WSJT-X magic box.

My old Kenwood TS-430S 100 watt rig, 100 watts OVERHEAT

Like 50 watts and the fan would never ever come on

75 watts was like a 50% duty cycle with the fan, so figured that was a safe level.

My IC-7300, 100 Watts Period regardless of mode, the temp gauge may rise 1 bar at the most,
I have no idea what it takes to get that radio Hot!

But now this 200 Watt FTDX-5000MP

What power level ends up like the 7300, where the fan rarely comes on if at all.

and what power level is like the 430S where the fan runs like half of the time?


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