locked #IssueReport #error WSJT-X 2.50 RC4 unable to access wsjtx_status.txt #IssueReport #IssueReport


Hi – sorry, this is a poor quality bug report – I can’t reproduce reliably.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

RC3 (x64) worked fine. Upgraded to WSJT-X 2.50 RC 4 (x64).


Executing the frequency calibration routine, I got an error dialog that it was unable to access the



So I had a fast look in %localappdata%\Temp and there was no WSJT-X folder.

I created the folder.

Hit ok a bunch of times to clear the error popups, then it started behaving, and created the file in the folder.

Not sure what caused this.

Never had it happen on RC3 or prior.


I quit the program, it deleted the folder, launched again in Freq Cal mode, and it did create the temp\WSJT-X as it should have.


No idea on root cause. Will advise if I figure out how to make it do it.

Thanks in advance.

73 de Colin VE3MSC




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